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One day one of my B.Tech friend met with a road accident and got admitted in the Gandhi Hospital so I, along with my friends went to hospital to know the health condition of him. I observed the poor sanitary conditions that prevailed on the hospital premises and found shocked that they are rendering services to only 20 percent of the patients only and I felt that the Government hospitals are the last hope to the poor people but because of laziness and lack of dedication and commitment of doctors and hospital staff so many patients are going back to their home without treatment. In government hospitals despite of having full equipments and experienced doctors still patients are not getting proper treatment because of lack of commitment and sincerity in them. I surprised to notice several absentees including doctors, paramedical staff and others at the hospital and enquired about this with the people who are there and they said to me that they are running private clinics and they are spending most of their time there only for extra income. Government is providing best infrastructure and recruiting experienced doctor and installing all equipments but there is no effective utilization of equipments and human resource because lack of monitoring.

In private hospitals even though they have less infrastructure and less human resource and equipments they are maintaining very well and private hospitals maintain full hygiene with proper monitoring. Because of these reasons so many poor people approaching private hospitals even though they can’t afford treatment there still they are getting treatment by borrowing money from money lenders because they lost the trust on government hospitals. and I feel Government hospitals required so many institutional changes and Civil services will serve me as platform to bring this structural and significant changes in these institutions and I Feel Government hospitals required better monitoring system by using latest technology, government needs to design such a  software platform where every doctor and staff need to report their work on hourly basis and progress of the patients treatment need to be reported to district health officer as well as it should be made available in the public domain so that it will bring transparency in these hospitals and I wanted to be a part of Grievance redress mechanism which gives me the opportunity to redress them with innovative solutions and no administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user-friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism.  And I strongly believe that this field will serve me as the platform to swipe the tears of at least 2-3 people every day and that is the objective of my life too. And I feel that Civil services preparation itself makes us humble and gives us opportunity to learn patiency and optimism when we failed to clear it in two to three attempts. I believe that things may not happen overnight but if we strive hard in single direction with sincere objective we can able to bring this changes over a period of time

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